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Karthika masam Vratas & festivals

karthika masam:-

karthika masam is very auspicious and sacred for both saiva and vaishnava devotees and the devotees indulge in month long prayers to the gods apart from various rituals and customs. The devotees observe karthika masa vratham also and get good life and moksha. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the karthika month which coincides with krithika star.

Karthika masam starts just the day after Deepavali Amavasya. Karthika month is the favorite month for Lord Shiva amongst all 12 months.During Karthika Masa, devotees execute various rituals and customs. They observe karthika Masa Vratam. One really should stick to the rituals to direct a good life and to get Moksha. Danams like swarna, Vastra, Cow will give good results. Upavasams to be performed on Mondays.

Sivasya Hrudayum Vishnuhu, VIshnusya Hrudaygaum Shiva

Etha Shivamayor Vishnu, EEvam Vishnu Maya Shivaha

During Karthika Masam it helps the devotee to understand and embrace within himself that there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and that both are one.

Karthika masam / Karthika masam is the most auspicious month to our hindus. kartika masam starts the day after Deepavali, the festival of diyas or deepam. Kartika masam is very auspicious and gets us spiritual bliss when we worship Lord vishnu/Shiva. There are many important pooja procedures to be done during this period like Ksheerabdhi dwadasi pooja/ Kartika deepam or Kartika pournami pooja, lighting the lamps near Tulasi kota and doing nitya poojas to Goddess Tulasi, Chanting vishnu sahsranamam or shiva sahasranamam, atleast daily chanting of shiva stotras, fasting on mondays and meditating on Lord shiva.According to kalidharma and kaladharmam we are not able to follow each and every ritual according to Kartika puranam, but atleast we can adapt some rituals and do simple pooja with scuchi and subratha. 

Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on Ashadha suddha ekadashi and wakes-up on Karthika suddha ekadashi.
Lord Shiva kílled Tripurasuras on Karthika pournami and protected the world.
In this month Ganga (Godess of river Ganges) enters in to all rivers, canals, ponds and wells and makes them as pious as Ganga.
Ayyappa deeksha is also taken in Karthika masam and is continued up to Makara Sankranthi (Jan 15th).

River Bath ( Nadi Snanam)Shiva Kartik Maas . As per the Science, in Kaarthika Masam Water enrich with more Magnetic Power from the Earth and will be stored in water before the Sunrise this may be the one of the reason for taking a Kartika Snanam before Sunrise.
As in Magnetic Therapy, taking bath on Kaarhika Somavaram (Monday) in any Flowing Water for 15mts. That Human being will get relief from STOMACH DISORDERS, LEVER DISORDERS, and GENERAL Health Problems.

Kartik Maas, also known as Damodar Maas. 
Kartika masa is the most auspicious and holiest month for Hindus. 
Pujas are to be performed for the whole month. Those who cannot perform for 30 days (full month)  they can do minimum for 10 days. These 10 (ten) days are "initial  starting five days of karthik masam and  5 days before  pournima". These 10 days are  important days in this month.  
As per puranas, there is no sacred month like karthik, there is no God similar to Lord Vishnu, there is no scripture like Vedas and there no river like Ganga.

Karthik month is the favorite month to both of the  supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva. Water in rivers, lakes and ponds get  holy power to destroy ill effects during the month hence karthik snaan is one of the most popular Hindu rituals. 

The pujas, all other rituals, rules and code during the month are called as Kartika Masa Vratam. There are certain rules and codes to perform Kartika Masa vrata. The Karthika Purana details the rituals and customs to be performed during the month of Karthik. Various Hindu sacred texts have mentioned the list of basic rituals and customs of Kartika masam Kartik is the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. It usually overlaps with the months October & November in the English calendar. Kartik Maas is described in the scriptures as the best among months for performing austerities.

Sutaji said to the great sages: "The sin-destroying month of Kartik is said to be endowed with divine influence. It is ever so dear to Lord Vishnu and is the bestower of both worldly pleasures and moksha (salvation)."

The rituals associated with the Kartik month are as follows:-

chanting the holy names of the Lord. As per our scriptures, if somebody performs even a little worship of Lord Shri Hari in this month, He offers that devotee His own abode.

Deep Daan (offering lamps): -
Worship the Lord by offering lamps (diyas), flowers, incense, food, etc. Lighting a diya before the Lord is called as "deep-daan" and affords immense religious merits when performed during the Kartik month.

In the Padma Purana, Kartik Mahatmya, there is a very famous story of a mouse.

In a temple of Lord Vishnu, there was a mouse who used to eat the ghee from the extinguished ghee lamps which had been offered by devotees to Him. One day when she felt hungry to eat ghee, she tried to eat the ghee from a lamp which was not yet extinguished. While eating ghee from the lamp, the cotton wick got stuck in her teeth. Since the ghee wick had a flame, the mouse started jumping in front of the Lord's Deity form and thus died due to fire. But Lord Sri Vishnu accepted the jumping of that mouse with a lit ghee wick in her mouth as His aarti. In the end, He gave her liberation, the highest destination. 

If somebody burns a lamp in the temple of Lord Shri Hari even for a short time (in the month of Kartik), then whatever sins, he has acquired for millions of kalpas (one kalpa equals 1000 yugas) are all destroyed."

Of all gifts, the gift of a lamp during the month of Kartik is the best. No gift is its equal."

The Pushkar Puran states, "The person who lights the lamp of sesame (til) oil in the name of Lord Shri Hari in the month of Kartik (during Sandhya) gets unlimited prosperity, beauty, blessedness and wealth."

On the full moon day of the month of Kartika (November-December) which falls on the ascension of the Kritigai star, the Hindus celebrate the Kartika Deepam. It is on this day that the huge beacon is lit on the holy hill Arunachala, in South India.

Annamalai Deepam:-

It is celebrated in a special manner in Thiruvannamalai. Lord Shiva asks Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to find out the exact location of his head and his feet. Since Lord Shiva takes a gigantic form, they are not able to find out anywhere. Then Lord Shiva takes the form of a jyothi (light of fire) on the hill of Thiruvannamali. Therefore, this festival is also known as Annamalai Deepam. Here, a special torch is lighted on the zenith of the hill and it is believed that Lord Shiva’s jothi will be visible on this day.

TithiTithi devta and PujaPhalam (Benefit)
Karthika suddha PadyamiLord ShivaTejas (Glory)
Karthika suddha VidiyaLord VishnuSanthi (Peace of mind)
Karthika suddha TadiyaShaktiAishwarya prapthi (Wealth)
Karthika suddha ChavithiNaga devathas / Lord SubrahmanyeswaraAyush and Arogya prapthi (Longevity and Health)
Karthika suddha PanchamiLord SubrahmanyeswaraKarya siddhi (Success in work)
Karthika suddha ShasthiLord SubrahmanyeswaraSanthana prapthi (Children)
Karthika suddha SapthamiLord Surya (Sun)Tejas and Arogya (Glory and Health)
Karthika suddha AshtamiGodess DurgaSankata nivarana (Relief from Miseries)
Karthika suddha NavamiPithru devathasKutumba soukhyam (Happy family)
Karthika suddha DasamiLord Ganesh / 
Gajendra moksha parayana for Lord Vishnu
Relief from Obstacles
Karthika suddha EkadashiLord ShivaKarya siddhi (Success in work)
Karthika suddha DwadashiLord VishnuDhana dhanya vriddhi 
(Wealth and Good life)
Karthika suddha TrayodashiLord VishnuTejas (Glory)
Karthika suddha ChaturdashiLord Kala BhairavaAkala mruthyu haranam (Relief from sudden Deaths)
Karthika suddha PournamiLord Shiva / Lord KrishnaMoksha
Karthika bahula PdyamiLord Agni (Fire)Tejas (Glory)
Karthika bahula VidiyaAshwani devathas (Two Doctors of Gods)Arogya (Health)
Karthika bahula TadiyaGauri (Parvathi)Soubhagya (Good for Husband and Children)
Karthika bahula ChavithiLord GaneshKutumba saukhyam (Gives happy family life)
Karthika bahula PanchamiLord SubrahmanyeswaraVijaya (Victory)
Karthika bahula ShasthiLord SubrahmanyeswaraSanthana vriddhi (Children)
Karthika bahula SapthamiLord SuryaAyush and Arogya (Longevity and Health)
Karthika bahula AshtamiAshta LakshmiSanthi (Peace)
Karthika bahula NavamiGodess DurgaKarya siddhi (Success everywhere)
Karthika bahula DasamiAshta dikpalakas (Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirruthi, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, Eeshana[Shiva])Keerthi (Fame)
Karthika bahula EkadashiKuberaDhana prapthi (Money)
Karthika bahula DwadashiLord VishnuYoga prapthi (Eternal unity)
Karthika bahula TrayodashiLord YamaVyadhi nivarana (Relief from severe diseases)
Karthika bahula ChaturdashiMruthyunjaya (A form of Lord Shiva)Arogya (Relief from diseases and Healthy body and mind)
Karthika bahula AmavasyaPithru devathasMano dhairyam (Mental stability)

Lord Muruga as Kumaraguru Advising Lord Shiva:-
Another legend has it that the lamps lit symbolically represent knowledge, victory and peace. Muruga as Kumaraguru is believed to have taught the meaning of ‘OM’ to Lord Shiva. Thus the
lamps lit on the day are in remembrance of sharing the ultimate knowledge of ‘OM.’ The knowledge of OM helps in enlightenment and emancipation.

King Bali Surrendering to Lord Vishnu:-

Another legend associated with Karthika Deepam is that King Bali surrendered before Lord Vishnu. King Bali attained moksha by surrendering all his wealth and himself before Lord
Vishnu. Special offerings made from puffed rice and beaten rice is believed to be due to this legend.

Bathing in River or Nadi Snanam:-

Another important significance is bathing in river during Karthika Masam or Karthika Month. The rivers have received fresh water during the rain season comprising of Shravan and Bhadrapada Months. As the rivers over flow banks and are furious bathing in rivers during Shravana and Bhadrapada is prohibhited. The river completely settle by the time Karthika Masam starts.

Also the Moon during the Sharad Ruthuvu is a special one. Sharad Ruthuvu is known for the Moon light. Sharad Ruthuvu comprises of Ashwayuja or Ashwin month and Karthika Masam or Karthika Month. All along the Aswayuja Masam the river would absorb the energy from Moon by bathing in the river in Karhika Masam one can absorb this energy from the river. Hence it is mandated that one should take a bath in the river or perform Nadi Snanam in Karthika Masam.

The process of performing the Nadi Snanam is to close the nose with the two thumb fingers and close the ears with the middle fingers and take a dip so that the whole body along with the head is under the water. This has to be repeated for a  minimum of three times.

Karthika Poornima:-
karthika Poornima also recognized as a whole moon day that is celebrated on the fifteenth lunar day of the Karthika Thirty day period as for every the Vedic Calendar November – December). It is also regarded as Tripuri poornima. This is just one of the most auspicious, sacred, highly effective and really exclusive day, each for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
karthika masam.

It celebrates  in a particular method in Thiruvannamalai, Lord Shiva asks Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu to uncover out the correct area of his head and his ft. Because Lord Shiva takes a gigantic kind, they under no circumstances get to the head or feet.. The Lord Shiva will take the form of a jyothi (mild of fire) on the hill of Thiruvannamali. Right here, a specific torch is lighted on the Zenith of the hill and it is thought that Lord Shiva’s jyothi will be noticeable on this day. Similarly the “Karthika deepam” which will be lightened iscalled “Akasa Deepam” staring from Karthika Shukla Padyami till the end of the month by worshiping in a sacred manner every day and the flag hoisted over to Dwajasthambhams in all the temples.

It is told that in olden days the Deepam became useful to the travellers or navigators in the sea or canal as star light informing them about the existence of temple, Village or people nearer to them and they used to come there to take rest for relief in their onward journey.
karthka poornima celebrations are associated with the legend ot he demon Tarakasura. Tarakasura was demolished by Lord Karthika, also known as Skanda or kumara. Another legend associated with Karthikda poornima is of Lord Vishnu’s Matsyavatara. It is believed that on this day. Vishnu was incamated in the Matsya roopa, and protected manu, the first man , from the maha pralaya (deluge).

Nagula Chavithi:-

Nagula Chavithi  is an auspicious day to observe Naga Puja. Nagula Chavithi is observed on the fourth day (Chaturthi) after Deepavali Amavasya during Karthika masam. Nag Panchami and Nagasashti are observed after Naga Chaturthi. In some parts of Andhra Pradesh it is also celebrated in the month of Sravana masam.

Nagula Chavithi, a festival to worship Nag Devatas (Serpent Gods), is mainly a women festival. Nagula Chavithi is observed by married women for their wellbeing of their children. During the Chavithi festival, women keep fast and observe Naga Puja. Devotees offer milk and dry fruits to Sarpa Devata at the Valmeekam or Putta (snake pits). On Nag Chaturthi day, Ashtanag (seven hooded cobra) is worshipped.

Karthika Ekadesi or Kaisika Ekadesi:-

Kaisika Ekadasi or Karthika Ekadesi is the might of the procession of ugra srinivasa of tirumala temple. This is also called uthana dwadasi in common terminology was reintroduced last year in tirumala on kasika Dwadasi day in Karthika Masam which was discontinued a few centuries ago, Vanabhojanotsavam was performed in tirumala, In this fete Sri Malayappaswamy along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi was taken in a procession to parveta mandapam in the morning and Tirumanjanam, Archana, Asthanam and Naivedyam was offered to the deities and the prasadam was distributed among devotees.

Glory or Benefits of Somvar Vrata:-

One who observes Somvar vrata would enjoy every pleasure in the world and after death that person would reach Kailasa (Salvation or Moksha or Shiva lok).

Here I am giving the basic rituals we should follow for this month.
1.     Should not eat non Vegetarian food for the whole month.

2.     Do not eat Brinjal, Onions and Garlics Food in Kaarthika Masam. Take any vegetarian Food.

3.     Must take meal only once per day for the 30 days, we can eat breakfast at nights or at least we must.

4.     If possible Feed Cows.

5.     Follow this on auspicious days like mondays, karthika poornima, koti somavaram etc.

6.     Devotees take ceremonial or spiritual bath everyday for the whole month (Including Hair).

7.     Must light (deepam) every evening and evening do God Shiva Pooja.

8.     Read or Listen Shiva Puranam Book (Possible) ever day evening.

9.     Read one chapter in Karthika Puranam book every day.

10.   Prepare prasadam on karthika poornima,  koti somavaram and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as prasadam.

Vanabhojanam or Karthika vanabhojanam:-

Vanabhojanam or Karthika vanabhojanam is a kind of annual ritualistic picnic undertaken during Karthika masam in Andhra Pradesh. As per Hindu tradition, plants are considered to be of divine nature and worshipped as Gods. Certain plants like Tulsi, amla, bilva and durva plants are considered as divine and used in Pujas.

It is widely believed that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi prefer to reside under Amla trees during Karthika month. Hence during Karthika Vanabhojanam, amla trees are worshipped by the telugu community in Andhra Pradesh. People also offer puja to Lord Vishnu and recite the Vishnu purana and Karthika purana during Vana Mahotsavam rituals.

During Karthika Vanamahotsava, traditionally people cook food under these trees after puja and consume the food as prasad. Traditionally people had atleast one amla plant in their courtyard. But nowadays due to congestion in cities, people observe Vanamahotsava more as a cultural festival than as a religious event. Many organisations arrange for an outing on this occasion and perform the puja of Vishnu and have food in the nearby gardens.

Koti Somavara Vratham:-

'Koti Somavara Vratham' is observed in 'Shravana Nakshatram' (star) which usually comes before 'Karthika Pournima' .

People perform the rituals like Abhishekam and Rudrabhishekam as stated above and lit three ghee lamps before The Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. It is said that one who lits the lamps will attain  moksha from all the sins (even from all the life times) ,also  relieves from all the belongings and bonds on earth.It is also said that one who perform this will be happy forever and reach 'Kailasam' after death.

The prayers and rituals are observed as stated as above expect for the 'Rudrabhishekam' which is performed for 11 times this day to attain moksha.

 Kartik Somawaram Vratam:-

Soma is the another name of Lord Shiva. Known as Someswara, who keeps the “ Soma” the Moon on crescent on his matted hair. The Kartik Somawaram Vratam is performed to please the Lord Someswara (Lord Shiva). All mondays in this Month are aspecious and one can
perform Pooja, Abhisheka, to Lord Shiva to get the blesssings of Shiva. This is the most favorite month for both of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Praying to Lord Vishnu and Shiva during Kartik maas fetches them Moksha (Salvation). Kartik month is treated as the Sin-destroying month as per Hindu Ethics.

Satyanarayan vratam:-

Satyanarayan Pooja is one of the best & easiest ways to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu, who is the God responsible for maintenance of this Universe.
Typically Satyanarayan Pooja is to be performed before and/or after the fulfillment of our desires e.g. if you want to achieve some important milestones in your life like success in Higher Education, Success in career, promotion, buying a new vehicle, new house, starting a new business, negotiating big professional deals etc...
Satyanarayan is also useful if someone in the family is not well.

In order to maintain general happiness, prosperity and well being of the family it is advisable to perform Satyanarayan Pooja at least once every year. 
There is no hard and fast rule as to when Satyanarayan Pooja to be performed.  Morning or evening time is ideal for Pooja.  You can perform it after major achievements in life.  So also it is ideal to perform Satyanarayan Pooja once every year.  It is a great auspicious occasions to invite friends and relatives.
It is a custom to have some program of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments etc... with well wisher friends and relatives after the Pooja is over.
Satyanarayan Pooja is to be performed on an auspicious day in consultation with Panditji.

Satyanarayan is about 3.5 to 4 hours Pooja.

Paitha Mahakruchcha Vratam:-
Paitha Mahakruchcha Vratam is a five day ritual observed in the karthika krishna paksha in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu.

This vrata starts on Karthika Krishna saptami and ends on the Karthika Krishna Ekadashi.

During Paitha Mahakruchcha Vrata, Lord Vishnu is worshipped for five days by fasting and on the fifth day, ie the day of Uttuvana Ekadasi the fast is broken and on the next day usually the tulsi vivah is conducted with Lord Vishnu in some places. People observe fast during all the five days of the vrata. However, it’s not a complete fast as prescribed and certain foods are allowed to be taken on certain days.

During Paitha Mahakruchcha Vratha, according to tradition, these foods are allowed to be taken on the particular days. On the first day of the vrata, ie the karthika krishna saptami, water is the food for the day. On the second day of the vrata, ie the karthika krishna asthami, milk is the food. On the third day of the vrata, ie the karthik krishna navami, curd is the food, On the fourth day of the vrata, ie the karthik krishna dashami, ghee is the food and on the final day, ie the karthik krishna ekadasi, fast is broken after performing the Vishnu Puja.

Nattalu or Natta Vratam:-

Nattallu or Natta Vratam is observed by the devotees. The process of observing Nattallu or Natta Vratam is to fast for the whole day and eat only after seeing the stars for the whole month of Kathika Masam. So only if this routine is followed for the complete month it is called as Natta Vratham or Nattalu.


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